GUCYCLE是我们45分钟的代表性课程。我们通过最具激情的教练、最新潮的歌单和全身性运动(我们的室内单车课程融入哑铃训练和核心力量训练!)在45分钟内,EMPOWER YOURSELF, EMPOWER OTHERS, AND EMPOWER THE COMMUNITY

Our signature GUCYCLE class is indoor cycling re-invented. With inspirational coaching, rockstar music, and a full body workout (we've added hand weights and core work!) With this 45 minutes, you EMPOWER YOURSELF, EMPOWER OTHERS, AND EMPOWER THE COMMUNITY



这个45分钟的课程是一个互动性的workshop。通过GUCYCLE Light,您可以更加了解GUCYCLE的运动方式并和教练互动。我们会指导您如何调整单车、使用锁鞋并锻炼如何运用阻力在安全范围内在节奏上高效骑行。

Back To Basics

This 45-minute class is an interactive workshop, designed to help you achieve a clear understanding of our GUCYCLE method. With opportunities to ask the instructor questions, we focus on finding your perfect bike set-up, clipping in and out, practicing proper form and using resistance to help you ride to the beat in a safe and efficient way.

GUCYCLE Light was created for riders who have taken 0 to 5 classes but we welcome anyone seeking personal instruction on basic GUCYCLE fundamentals to attend.



It's amazing what an extra 15 minutes can do. A little more challenge, a little more sweat, a lot more EMPOWERMENT.